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Brand Editorial: FW 24/25 Après Ski Dreams

This season’s après-ski looks are bold, bright, and more exciting than ever before.


The FW 24/25 après-ski collections at COTERIE New York were filled with technical fabric expertise, adventurous colors and patterns, and an impressive selection of environmentally-conscious designs. We spoke to experts at 74 The Jacket, Karl Matar, Canadian Classic, and Mou to learn more about what’s trending, and to gain deeper insights into the season ahead.


OOF Wear

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Exciting color palettes, retro references, and more key FW 24/25 aesthetics

Karl Matar, Manager, HiSo:


“Oversized shearling jackets and coats have been popular in recent seasons and are likely to continue into FW 24/25. Look for roomy, cocoon-like silhouettes that offer a relaxed and cozy vibe. Belted shearling jackets and coats create a flattering silhouette and add definition to oversized designs.” 

“Shearling jackets and coats that can be layered over both casual and dressy outfits are likely to be in demand for FW 24/25. Look for versatile styles that can be dressed up or down.”

“Vintage and retro-inspired shearling jackets and coats continue to be popular, drawing inspiration from iconic styles of the past. Look for details like patchwork shearling, shearling-lined aviator jackets, or 1970s-inspired silhouettes.”


Debra Baum, Founder, 74 The Jacket: 

“I am seeing a lot of color and patterns everywhere. Bold and oversized sweaters that have vivid scenery and bold words. Colorful hats and gloves. Metallic puffer coats and vests that cinch in the waist seem to also be trending. Also, the old-school preppy prints are back — mixing patterns and super chic along with vibrant moon boots from the ‘80s. Lastly, mink slides in two tones. Chocolate and cream slides, natural color furs, and for those who take more risks, brighter fur slides as well.”


Simone Ponziani, CEO,  Artcrafts, Intl, Canadian Classic: 

“Taking center stage now are bold prints, vibrant colors, timeless pastel shades, and retro styles."

“There’s a notable shift towards crossover clothing as versatility is extremely valuable for the consumers. We tried to mix oversize shapes with the lightness and warmth of the padding, and coats that can be equally worn in a city center or in a light outdoor environment.” 

“There is also an integration of streetwear elements into après-ski fashion, creating a blend of urban style with practical winter functionality.”






74 The Jacket



Canadian Classics 2_Resize

Canadian Classics

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Canadian Classics


Stylishly sustainable for the slopes 

Debra Baum, Founder, 74 The Jacket:

“Companies are starting to adopt more sustainable sourcing processes, manufacturing, and supply chain practices to reduce their environmental footprints. The younger generation is very thoughtful about this, and when they're purchasing anything, they think about where it's from, if that company is giving back, and if they represent good in the world we live in.” 

“Companies seem to be figuring out a better way to produce vegan leathers, faux fur, etc., so they're not made from toxic materials, and they look authentic and rich.”


Katiuscia Baccani, Brand Manager, Mou:

“We strive for sustainable practices and the use of natural, biodegradable materials to minimize our impact on the environment as well as to conserve energy where possible and make products that stand the test of time. A true labor of love, each Mou piece is designed with long-lasting soles and finishings that age beautifully.”


Karl Matar, Manager, HiSo:

“There's a growing demand for eco-friendly materials in clothing and gear, as well as a preference for high-performance products with features like moisture-wicking and breathable materials like shearling.”




Moose Knuckles


Montereggi Point




Buyers’ après-ski priorities

Debra Baum, Founder, 74 The Jacket:

“Retailers have to buy for both audiences that love real fur and those who only want a high-quality faux. The West Coast and some of Europe are shying away from real fur, even upcycled fur. The East Coast tends to not be as concerned, especially with vintage fur, because if it's not being reused it would be cluttering our landfills, etc.” 


Karl Matar, Manager, HiSo:

“There's an increased interest in stylish and versatile pieces that can transition seamlessly from the slopes to après-ski activities.” 

“Online shopping and social media influence have also played significant roles in shaping consumers' preferences and purchasing behaviors. Just looking at Instagram posts from ski resorts all over the world, including Vail, Aspen, Salt Lake, Courchevel, Gstaad, Davos, St. Moritz, and Lech-Zürs, you will see shearling playing a major role in après-ski, especially in cute, shorter styles.”



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