COTERIE New York February 2022

In Focus: A/W 22/23 Sustainable Fashion

Timeless designs meet forward-thinking textiles. 


Sustainability is at the forefront of fashion, and an initiative the COTERIE team is not only passionate about, but an initiative that has become a focal point starting from the physical development of our events to establishing partnerships that help evolve the conversation around sustainability into actionable steps for brands and retailers.  The February 2022 edition of COTERIE featured a curation of sustainable women’s contemporary collections who are pushing beyond the “trend” around sustainability and some who are working their way to being fully circular by 2030.  Read on to hear insights from the COTERIE community and to learn more about our verification process for sustainable and ethical practices in partnership with Hey Social Good. Stay tuned for more post-event editorial content, as well as the COTERIE New York Issue, to be released soon. 



Avocado Athleisure: “We designed our clothes to be comfortable and multifunctional pieces that can be worn from a workout to a Zoom meeting, hence athleisure. Our most recent Winter collection is designed with eco-friendly yarn, Modal, to keep you warm while also giving you that beautiful, feminine silhouette. Like our primary Core Collection, we needed to make timeless pieces that were durable and not trend-sensitive so that our pieces could be worn for years and not add to the landfills.”

– Mikaela Choi, Director of Sales & Operations, Avocado Athleisure   

 LØCI: “Our main focus for LØCI is introducing the most vegan ‘fashion sneaker’ in the contemporary market by offering sustainable, classic colors, meaningful collaborations, and ‘slow fashion’ across categories for women and men. Sustainable and vegan fashion is not a trend, but a mind-shift that is vital for our planet. It starts from us, the wholesale industry, to demand and implement changes in the supply chains by working harder in sourcing, telling our stories, and most importantly – training our retailers and their salesforces to make sure these changes are adopted by the consumers right now and for future generations.”

– Marco Lebel, Owner, Lebel Fashion Group 

Outerknown: “At Outerknown, our focus is fabric and sustainability. We plan to be fully circular by 2030, to not put any new materials into the marketplace, and to build a collection entirely on recycled garments, threads, and fabrics. With this in mind, we were able to showcase a lot of recycled cashmere pieces, recycled wool, and outerwear made from Econyl, which is recycled fishing nets turned into fiber. We’re really proud of where we are at the moment, but we have a long way to go. We’re entirely transparent as well, meaning we’d love to share our fabric stories and supply chain wins with other brands. If we’re all doing it, things on our planet will get better.”

– Tommy Monette, Director of Wholesale, Outerknown  


Additional Collections:


1. Avocado Athleisure  

2. DL1961 

3. Erin Gray

4. Golo Shoes 

5. Happy Sheep 

6. Haris Cotton 



8. LØCI 

9. Mavi 

10. Mia Peru 

11. NIC + ZOE

12. Nette Rose 


13. Outerknown 

14. Pelletterie Claudia 

15. White + Watten 



This season, COTERIE partnered with Hey Social Good to verify the featured brands with ethical and sustainable practices. 

Hey Social Good's SGA identified COTERIE brands who have not just started their sustainable journey but have relentlessly committed to rethinking and reimagining practices in every part of their fashion business.  

The Hey Social Good “Social Good Assessment” (SGA) of brands and enterprises is a highly stringent process consisting of four independent tiers (or steps) to deem a brand as “verified.” Although some brands may have adopted some sustainable practices or generally describe a sustainable framework, they may not meet HSG’s SGA criteria. HSG combs through both the public and furnished data, seeking and confirming the sustainable and ethical practices that are significant, established, and positively impactful. Brands or enterprises that only adopt 1-2 practices, and do not present a similar concerted vision or activities in other areas, likely will not meet HSG’s standards to be verified. Also, there must be consistency in the practices adopted. It is HSG’s belief that committed sustainable practices by a business or organization are excellently and robustly reflected by the depth and expansiveness of numerous practices, especially when a brand’s or enterprise’s supply chain and manufacturing practices are considered.  

COTERIE along with Hey Social Good is thrilled that the fashion industry at large is focused on sustainable and ethical practices. We love that they are taking on the challenging steps of changing how to design and manufacture beautifully for people and the planet. We want to encourage and support these fresh brands and enterprises on their quest for social good and making a positive impact.


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