Our bags are packed and we are ready to escape to Miami again this July for the return of destination:miami by COTERIE. We are bringing the contemporary and advanced contemporary community together again to escape and explore an international assortment of brands featuring bright, eye-catching swim & resortwear for an increasingly travel-driven consumer. Here, we talk to key retailers about what they're exploring this season, highlight incredible international brands to shop from Colombia and Brazil, as well as uncover how swim and resortwear are becoming seasonless as consumers plan their next escape.

Image by Bocanegra 


With consumers more travel-hungry than ever as a result of the pandemic, retailers have revolutionized their assortment to carry resort and swimwear pieces all year long. “We've always incorporated travel and resortwear to some degree, but with more people traveling in the last few months, we have only increased the department,” shared Brigitte Holthausen, founder and buyer of New Orleans based-retailer HEMLINE.     

Regardless of if your consumer is on vacation or not, she’ll still want to feel like she is. Fashion can be a way of transporting wearers, making it possible to travel without actually leaving home. Colombian jewelry brand Bocanegra strives to help its clientele do just that with its ultra-colorful beaded accessories: “There is a whole universe of places to visit and gain inspiration from, and you can find anything—any destination, any feeling, within Bocanegra,” says Manuela Maya S, the brand’s Commercial Director. 



“Latin brands are happy,” Colombian designer Michelle Daccarett puts simply. Consumers in search of joy and escape are lured by the mood-boosting colors and the playful patterns and silhouettes of Latin brands. Beyond the surface, however, lies an equally attractive manufacturing process rooted in sustainability, natural materials, and female empowerment. Both Bocanegra and Michelle Daccarett employ female heads of households to create their brand’s 100% handmade accessories. Michelle Daccarett also plants a tree in the Amazon for every online purchase since “we start our process and finish our process with trees.” 




“It’s always summer somewhere,” says Daccarett referring to her seasonless, one-of-a-kind handbags made of oak and adorned with colorful threads inspired by mango trees, the Caribbean sea, and more of her surroundings. As seasonless fashion expands, the lines between swimwear and eveningwear begin to blur. Colombian brand Bahia Maria aims to create “something very different from conventional swimwear, like a piece that can not only be used as a swimwear, but also as your favorite going-out outfit.”  


Image by Michelle Daccarett 

Image by Bahia Maria 


Today, bikini-clad vacation posts on Instagram act as a form of social currency showcasing the increasingly aspirational nomadic-yet-luxe lifestyle that consumers strive for after spending so much time in lockdown. “Consumers want to record their outfits and tag the brands they are wearing on social media more and more—it’s all about showing off and standing out,” shares Holthausen, who adds she’s on the hunt for Colombian and Brazilian brands, as well as all things crochet. destination:miami by COTERIE gives retailers an opportunity to browse and discover unique, statement-making pieces consumers are dreaming of.  Julia Mastro, the Women’s buyer at Texas-based retailer Julian Gold, lets the show floor be her guide to “determine the buying direction we go in” after she studies the range of offerings and trends. What she’s really looking for, Mastro continues, is “standout pieces for Instagram; usually those are colorful, bold, and grab the eye.”  

Image by Oásis Resortwear

Image by EMI Swimwear


We are excited to introduce you to the global assortment of brands at destination:miami by COTERIE as this year is all about curating a mix of mood-boosting pieces that help your consumer “escape and explore,” regardless of her location. 



Join us in July at destination:miami by COTERIE